Tuesday, June 21, 2016


We worked hard today. I woke up with a sore throat and tired after a short night's sleep. But I went to the Evangelism breakfast this morning. So encouraging. We celebrated the 25th anniversary of the wonderful document "Turn to the Living God." Our Office of Evangelism has such godly people. Committee work was difficult. We passed a new 2020 vision plan, which I think is very good. We shot down all the Foothills amendments, which frankly, needed to be done, but we had heard such an encouraging and biblical rationale for them yesterday. I didn't want to see that get lost, so I offered an alternative motion, but sadly, it did not pass. I knew it was worded somewhat arbitrarily, but I felt the process was good, and I wish someone had had the courage to tweak what I had written hastily during lunch. I missed a mission lunch to write that thing. I only got to go to part of the mission coworker's dinner. Again, our PMA folks in the World Mission Office are also wonderful people doing great work. Unfortunately, as we know, there has been some dysfunction in PMA operations, which led to an Administrative Commission being established to look into the OGA and PMA. I do hope it helps to ease that dysfunction, but I also hope it does not lead to any more layoffs. Personally, I think what Tony De La Rosa has done has been excellent work, and he is on the right track. Tomorrow at 2:00 pm, we begin plenary sessions. Some hot button things, like the apology resolution, got amended in agreeable ways. It is something to which I can vote "yes." Others will be passed. I was originally planning on speaking to the "Clergy Letter Project," but I really wonder if it is worth it...


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