Monday, July 31, 2017

More Than Servants; Psalm 123, John 15:12-17

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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Putting Away Lies & Deceit; Psalm 120, Ephesians 4:17-32

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Thursday, July 13, 2017


I'm angry. Two weeks ago while stopped at a stoplight, I got rear-ended. When we were hit the 2nd time, I knew my car was totaled. That's when I got angry. I knew because I had over 100,000 miles, despite the fact that my car is in excellent condition and well-maintained, that I wouldn't get diddly squat for it. I had just paid it off in December. It's the first and probably only new car I will ever own. It is top of the line in its class and gets fabulous gas mileage. I average 38.8 mpg/tank in the winter and 36.4 mpg/tank in the summer. There have been multiple times when I've gotten 40 mpg/tank. I drive approximately 27,0000 miles/year. Our family spends over $12,000 on gas and car maintenance according to our annual credit card report. Cars are not cheap. Insurance is valuing my car at less than half it's original value, although that's where we are in it's life span. This car can easily break 200,000 miles before it's time to start looking for something else. There's no way I can buy a car that is as anywhere near as good as what I have for that kind of money. We need to do some house repairs and we are working on paying off another car loan, so we do not need another loan, especially as I have no idea what my income will be come January. My current contract expires at the end of the year, and while it is likely to extend into the first quarter, that would be it. In order to afford something comparable, I will probably have to cancel my trip to the Holy Land, which would have been a tax deductible business trip, but we need that $ to add to the pittance that we are getting. I feel violated and robbed because what I worked hard for is being stolen from me--both the car and the trip. I paid off that car and don't even get to wear it out. On top of that, we had just purchased brand new, top of the line replacement tires that are sitting in our carport. We cannot send them back as they have sat here nearly a month because it has either been pouring down rain or boiling hot whenever Jim has had time to fix the car. I'm further angered by the fact that this is another place where the system sets people up to fail. Imagine if I were a single parent. I rent my house, pay all bills on time, live within my means and even have a month of emergency savings in my account. My car is paid for, but it is old. I bought it used and salvaged (like my own first two cars), but am mechanically inclined and fixed it into good, working order. It's gets me to and from my job just fine, which pays a barely livable wage but provides healthcare for me and my kids. Someone wrecks my car. Insurance gives me $800 (what I was offered once for my salvaged car that got backed into in the parking lot and was totaled). Where can I buy a car that runs for $800?!!?? It's impossible. Even if I take my month of savings, it isn't enough. Sure, I'm loaned a car for a few weeks, but after that, I have no transportation. Public transportation doesn't exist because I live in a rural area. I pay people for rides, but I can't always get one or they get me to work late. Eventually, I'm fired because I can't get to work. Now my family has no health insurance. My kid gets sick. After a couple of months, I am homeless because my savings are depleted. Now we are homeless. Yes, this scenario happens. I've seen it. I have worked with Family Promise. People who are making it can be brought to ruin because of this type of thing. UPDATE: Just got a call from the insurance company after meeting with a lawyer this morning and getting a 2nd estimate for damages. The insurance company now says that they will fix the car! Hallelujah! This is a win-win situation. I get my car back and don't have to expend money I don't have to get get a replacement. The insurance company will actually be spending less money to fix the car than they would have fulfilling the initial settlement. Why wouldn't they just do it in the first place?!?! Makes no sense. It's sad when you have to threaten legal action that could have been avoided if people would just do the right thing to start with. Again, poor people don't necessarily have access to the same recourse as we did. My husband took a day off work to get a 2nd opinion on the car and to meet with a lawyer. Poor people can't afford to take time off and drive all over town or to pay a lawyer's fee. Thanks to those of you who prayed! Look for ways to change systems that are inherently unjust.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Spiritual Heart Disease; Psalm 119:65-72

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Finding Guidance & Comfort in God's Word; Psalm 119:17-32

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