Saturday, March 17, 2007


I've really enjoyed Lent this year. It seems an odd thing to say but it's true. I see and feel a lot of parallels with the Advent season. I didn't really give up anything this year. In the past, I've asked God to expose any idol or potential idolatry in my life, and then that becomes what I would give up. But God didn't expose any external idolatry in my life this year--which is a good thing!! On the other hand, it's been more internal--the harder stuff to get rid of sometimes. It's been my own selfishness. I've been preaching a lot on sin. Maybe my folks are getting tired of it! But in preaching sin, I also get to preach redemption and forgiveness and how it is always, always available. And I've been preaching to and for myself because it's what I've needed.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Cheat post

Yeah, yeah. It's not a real post. Just thought I'd list a couple of my favorite websites. Canada's most listened to spiritual talkback show. This isn't cheesy Christian radio. The interviews are awesome. The forum is interesting too and goes along with the show's talkback segments. The shows are archived every week, and they recently got live streaming. It's a once a week show--Saturdays from 1-4 pm. The previous week's show is updated on the website on Thursdays. The website of the World's Pretty Much Only Religious Satire Magazine. It's updated at least every two weeks.