Monday, June 20, 2016


We worked late tonight in our committee, but I'm excited for our work. Don't know that we will do anything revolutionary or not, but we hope to begin to address problems of communication and to further the denomination to help the work of congregations versus mandating to congregations what they should do. We have wonderful people on our committee. I attended a luncheon today on the plight of refugees. We were able to hear from a refugee who has lived in this country for 8 years and is now helping other refugees. Prior to his coming to the United States, he lived in a refugee camp for 20 YEARS. This is unacceptable. We are treating refugees like criminals. If they turn out to be criminals, then yes, provide the appropriate punishment, but let's not assume refugees are criminals right off the bat. The Outlook is doing wonderful reporting, so read their articles if you really want to know what is happening. Again, I am seeing the best of the church at work. I know I will experience the worst in plenary, but I'm so glad to have the opportunity to experience the best. I see people treating one another with respect and love. I see people being willing to listen to one another. It stands in contrast to the tv that was on in the hotel breakfast room this morning. The channel was one of those ESPN ones and two talking heads were literally yelling at each other over two players in a ball game. Really? Yelling? Over a ball game??!!! I got my coffee and went back to my room to drink it, as it wasn't my prerogative to change the channel, and I do not want to listen to talking heads yelling at each other, esp. over something that, in the long run, is not going to make much, if any, difference in the world. I know a lot of this yelling stuff is for show, but this is how we are treating one another in our world today, and it is not helpful. I'm glad that, so far, we are demonstrating a better way.


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