Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday Rant

We haven't even started plenary yet, and I'm in foul mood. I'm angry that there are whole bodies in this denomination that think you have to subscribe to a whole shebang of liberal agenda in order to be socially just. I'm angry that there are those who assume because I'm Evangelical, I can't possibly stand against racism, human trafficking, and violence because I also don't support "transgender rights." I'm angry that there are those who assume that I can't be against gun violence and yet own a gun. I'm angry that there are those who think I can't support environmental injustice (opposing fracking and offshore drilling) and yet not embrace the idea that humans are entirely responsible for global climate change. I'm angry that the commitment to the uniqueness of the gospel is rapidly evaporating outside of the PMA's offices, which could now possibly be radically restructured thanks to the work of my committee, which I have now learned, that for all the blathering we did, we were still missing crucial pieces of information that committee 10 had. I'm angry that people claiming to be so enlightened regarding world politics have 0 idea of what North Korea is really like. It is the #1 oppressive country in the world. I'm sure Kim Jong-un would LOVE to reunite with South Korea! Part II Plenary Well, we passed 2 amendments regarding evolution that bind consciences of pastors and congregations. One was barely defeated, but enough folks complained that their votes didn't count that we took two more votes on that same resolution and it passed by 12 votes. Open table theology is in. It may be more broad than even the Methodists. We did finally pass a resolution requiring GA's to include a prayer for the persecuted church! Belhar was finally approved. If nothing else, it was historic.


Blogger John Kerr said...

Welcome to General Assembly. It reminds me of the local Presbyterian pastor's group here--they all embrace everything that I'm against. I have not told them--that would be suicide. I just don't offer opinions--I don't need the stress and it falls into the category of teaching pigs to sing.
I'm not surprised by anything you said--the all-or-nothing, our way or the highway mentality is one that I've experienced now for almost 30 years. This denomination if more of an abomination than anything else. Prayers continue for you!!

June 23, 2016 at 11:23 AM


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