Monday, November 15, 2010


In last week's sermon, we were challenged with several questions inviting reflection on our own lives and histories and how God has been at work.
So I've decided to share some of my own thanks. I'm thankful for the Body of Christ. Recently I've been blessed to hear how I've been used by God in the lives of others through cards and letters, and these words in turn are used in my life to encourage me.
I'm working with a clergy group reflecting on ecclesiology, and I remember with thanks the Church fathers who delved into these issues in past years and left us Confessions and creeds.
I remember with thanks my grandmother, who faithfully studied the Bible and followed Jesus, whose commentary collection I have and use now.
I'm thankful for a loving family and for the sweetest husband in the world.
I remember with thanks those past and present who have courage to stand for the gospel in the misdt of the most difficult and trying of circumstances.
I'm thankful for God's abundant forgiveness for the times that same courage fails within me.
I'm thankful for eternal life in Christ that I can live even now by the help and presence of the Holy Spirit.
I'm thankful for the Scriptures and the easy access we have to them.
I remember with thanks that our unknowable God has chosen to make Himself known, even to the point of coming to earth in the Person of Jesus Christ, who lived, died, rose, and ascended so that we can be in full Communion with God.
I'm thankful for things that can so easily be taken for granted--good health, enough money to pay all bills, give some away, and still save a little, plenty of food and a great variety of it, reliable transportation, a warm and safe house, clean water, the convenience of a washer and dryer, air to breath...
This is the mere beginning of my thankful list.


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